We believe every person has a Spirit - or a Soul, if you will - and when the body dies, the Spirit carries on.

Sometimes, Human Spirits remain here and do not complete their journey to their next destination, forever wandering in places they are most familiar or in and around where their human form departed. Other times, malevolent forces interrupt the process of a peaceful Transcendence to the Afterlife, leaving one's Spirit tormented and unable to find Eternal Peace. Often times, one's Spirit does not become aware that their human form has ceased and they continue on as if they have not entered a Spirit Realm.

At NIGHT Paranormal, we conduct our Paranormal Investigations to focus on communicating with those Spirits that still remain.  We objectively classify unexplained activities as either 'Paranormal' in nature, or benign with a reasonable explanation. Our first objective is to verify whether reported Paranormal activity or occurrences are valid, or if they can be debunked or otherwise logically explained. If we believe the existence of activity is generated from the Spirit World, we will provide evidence of our beliefs in the form of digital, audio, or video recordings, and address our findings thoroughly with our clients.

We do NOT offer a means of removing this type of activity, but we can help you get in touch with those who are experienced in doing so. Our goal is to do all we can to help Spirits complete their Transcendence from this realm to what awaits .